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As this is a reference site, the information will include interactive 3D models and large images that show the details. Therefore although small screen friendly, this site is best viewed on a grown-up screen.

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Design aspects.

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How to make the parts.

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Opening cap inline spindles.
Handrail information.


Timber clad Spiral stairs
find out about stairs


Staircase Stringer
Stringer information.

Some of the stuff we have.

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One of the 3D models we have throughout the site.

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Visual glossary.

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Index page.
A visual index.

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New to stairs?

This section will guide you through the basics of staircases and handrails

The fundamentals of designing and setting out stairs.

New pages.

Tangent handrail in CAD

tangent pitch line overlaid on CAD

How the tangent handrail system works in cad and how to use CAD for the tangent system.

Drawing checklist.

Grid placement.
Grid placement.

A list of information required before drawing the stairs.

The stretch out.

Full flight stretch out exposed.
Full flight stretch out exposed.

The most important part of setting out geometric stairs.