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Welcome to knostairs, handrail resource and guidance site. Traditional geometric staircase design techniques.

As this site is for reference and research there may be large images and files that will slow down page loading times, this will however allow you to see the images at a good size.

This is a reference site and does not carry advertising.

For the home owner: Design ideas and Balustrade visual glossary a staircase visual Glossary, to help you get to know the parts and choose a design.
For the designer: Interactive design aids, Visuals, 3d Downloads for your own visuals, Etc.
For the architect: Technical guides with drawings and videos. The golden rule of drawing stairs explained.
For the workshop: some useful bits for the traditional side of stair building and handrailing.
For the site: Fitting stairs, handrails, Spindles, Nosings, Repair tricks and tips, etc.

The idea of this site is to give the basics of handrail and staircase design and construction. We will have an emphasis on the heritage side of staircase and handrail design. How stairs are set out to carry continuous geometric handrail, how to draw the stairs to allow the handrail to flow natrually, repairing older handrail that has come loose over time.
This is not a site full of pretty pictures but designed to give you the ideas and information you need to design and build stairs that are functional and flowing. We will concentrate on the fundamentals with getting started guides and the best practice routes to follow when drawing stairs.

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