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A note from the author.

For accuracy, all visuals are created from full-scale working drawings: Many of which are from jobs I have been involved in as a handrailer, although this may slow the progress at which I create pages, the information here will be as accurate with true to life situations as possible.

This may also mean large file sizes, that may slow page loading times but as this is an educational site, matchbook drawings may be a bit small!


Designing stairs.


Find out what a Monkey’s tail is or how to make the handrail flow nicely. discover what parts are available and the different options to using those parts.

Design pitfalls.

What to avoid. some of the common mistakes made during the design stage.

Design enhancemants.

Tricks to make the stairs feel comfortable to walk on or look at.

Design options.

How to flow the stairs into the landings.

Different styles of feature tread.

How to separate the handrail over a feature tread.

Visual aids.

Designing stairs
Stair design.

Tools to help create your own visuals for clients.

Including 3d models of various parts to downlaod and use in your own visuals.

3D online interactive design aids: To help your clients decide on the design they would like.

New bits.

[wplinkpreview url=”https://knostairs.com/design-visual-index/feature-tread-design/tread-designs-commode-curtail/”]

Drawing stairs.


The tough bit. This is where the design has to be turned into working drawings, in this section we will look at:

What you need.

The information required before drawing the stairs.

How to use it.

once you have all the information we show you the order in which to draw the stairs and why.

Best to know.

Why the landings should be considered part of the stairs.

First and last riser positions.

What to look out for.

often missed.

Gathering all the information you need before starting the drawings. e.g. the spindle size, find out why this is so important.

How the underside of a staircase interacts with the ceiling.

Drawing aids.

The stair pitch board set over the treads.
The stair pitch board set over the treads.

Guides on how to draw and scale the components.

Save time by using some of our pre drawn components, with 2d cad outlines ready to download and drop into your drawings.

How to get the handrail to flow nicely, including the benfits of divorcing the change of pitch and change of direction, when possible.

New bits.

[wplinkpreview url=”https://knostairs.com/draw-visual-index/horizontal-scroll/”]

Try one of our 3D models here.

Left click to spin the model.

Right click to move the model.

Mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

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