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Here we have four different sections. Design-Draw-Make-install. We have split it down into the four main sections, in theory these sections are all different, in practice there is no definitive split between the sections but we have tried to devide them up as best as possible.


design aids and guides.

Here we will be adding mainly visual aids to help design the stairs and handrails, they will be more for creating the look you or your client would like to achieve. They are for concept only and not ot be taken as finished articles. We wil have downloads of the 3d parts that you can use to create your own visuals. There will also be pdf sheets of different parts that you can print out to leave with your clients for decision making.


The technical side.

This section is where the design is converted into working drawings for manufacture, We have guides on how to lay out the stairs in order to get the handrail working correctly, wether it be on newel post or geometric. We will show you how the stairs are constructed and how they transistion into landings. How the stringers terminate on the landings or flow into the skirting detail.


The production stage.

This section is for those of you who are responsible for the manufacture of the stairs and handrails. We will be covering such things as how to build a feature tread, that can hold a newel post with Monkey's tail set over. How to create the cooper built drums used in traditional stair manufacture, the bead detail to the underside of the stringers that captures the plasterboard. We will have videos of working projects, 3d visuals for easy explanations, guides and much more.


The installation stage.

The final part of the puzzle, how to make sure site is prepared for the staircase to be fitted - fitting the trimmers, nosings, fascias, handrail, spindles and a mass of other stuff. We will also be a repair section for those involved in repairing traditional stairs or handrails.