Design the stairs to your style.

Design guides and aids.

This section is the start for designing complete stairs or parts there off. Here you will find interactive design tools, design guides for creating the different parts of the stairs, visuals of the different parts, the members section will have full size downloads of spindle designs, handrail profiles etc. these can be used for creating your own visuals, demonstration to clients or production purposes.
Below you will find some examples of what we have in this section.

The design stage is the start of the getting the stairs built, this is where once you know the space that you have to fit your stairs into you can start deciding on the layout.

Many times the space will dictate to an extent the layout of stairs that you can choose from, whether it be straight, square, spiral, dog legged or any other plan of flight.

Once you have the layout the next phase is to choose your design, here again you have many choices from closed string, cut string, newel posts, continuous handrail, metal balusters, timber spindles, glass or any other style you may consider.

This section is to help guide you through some of these design decisions, we will also have visuals and guides on suggested ways of how some of the features within the staircase may be designed, such as the feature tread at the entrance area and how to separate said feature from flights connecting on the same landing, to keep the feature tread as a main point of visual impact. We will show ways of terminating the handrail over the feature tread to enhance its looks with either a Monkey’s tail, offset opening cap or drop end.

There are many different elements you can bring together to get the design of stairs that suits your property.

This is the fun stage but also the critical stage, as if you get wrong you may have a very expensive mistake to live with for many years.

Spindle designs.

Here we have a selection fo different spindle styles, there are 3D visuals for an idea of how they look, full size printouts to be able to take to your wood turner and get reproduced. full size 3D models to download and drop straight into your design package.

Tread design aids

Here we have tools for designing your feature treads, we explain the diffent styles and the circumstances in which they may be used. There are interactive design aids that you can take with you to meet the clients and design the stairs from the start.

interactive tread design.
Design your feature tread.

Handrail profiles.

We will have images of handrail profiles for you clients to choose from, both traditional and modern, examples of different style of handrail terminations and their uses.
With full size printable downloads and jpg images to take with you to design meetings.

Handrail profile sheet 1 in Oak.
handrail profiles plate 1