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Spindle patterns.

Various styles of spindles scanned from period turnings. 3D models to download for creating visuals.

Spindle plate 1 shaded
Spindle plate 1. Print this for your wall.

Height adjust.

Different ways to adjust the spindle patterns when diminishing.

Diminishing spindles, how to adjust the height.
Adjusting spindle heights.


Spindle drawings.

Cad drawings and 3d models.

Spindle outline drawings
Spindle outline drawings

Spindle Position – cut string.

The position the spindles are set in for cut string stairs. used to determine spindle O/A length and turn length.

Spindle position stringer mounted.
Spindle position stringer mounted.





Spindle fitting.

How to fit the spindles to the treads and handrail. different ways this may be approached on site.

spindle base dovetailed
Spindle base dovetailed.