The curtail tread.

The curtail is one of the fanciest starts to a stair, it is designed solely for the Monkey’s tail and the curves in the tread match the curves in the handrail. This is one of the harder treads to manufacture. The Monkey’s tail will normally be set on either a cast Iron newel post or a “Bird’s cage” of spindles. This will need to be drawn accurately before manufacture to get everything looking right. The ends of these treads will normally be solid so you can bolt the post down through the tread.

The Monkey’s tail set over this style of tread will have a wreathing turn leading into the main part of the Monkey’s tail, this will allow the Monkey’s tail to set over the stairs at the same height as the handrail run and thus remove the need for an extended newel post to come up to the raised height of the handrail, This is aesthetically a more pleasing look.

Here again, the Monkey’s tail will need to be drawn first: In order to be able to design the tread to set under it correctly and the spindles to sit on the tread correctly.

Feature tread curtail ends.
Curtail ends.
Curtail tread
Curtail ends.

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